About Terrascope and Mission 2013

Mission 2013: Solving Complex Problems (12.000) is a program for first year students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that challenges students to develop a cohesive, interdisciplinary solution to a complex problem. The challenge presented to the Class of 2013 was carbon capture and sequestration and the issues associated with sequestering enough carbon to stop the steady increase in the concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide.

The class is primarily student-driven with advice and oversight provided by Undergraduate Teaching Fellows (former Missioners) and alumni mentors from a variety of disciplines. However, it is we, the students, who determine the timeline of our semester and the particulars of our solution.

Over the course of three months, the goal and the method of obtaining the solution were developed and refined. As the semester unfolded, the class structure evolved from isolated groups dealing with particular aspects of the problem into a unified class containing knowledgeable individuals with regards to various solutions proposed.

The final solution which appears on this website results from the countless hours of work done by the class and would not have been possible without the following people:


Sam Bowring


Seth Burgess

Erin Shea


Adam Bockelie

Jennifer de Bruijnis

Carmen Chan

Yangbo Du

Samantha Fox

Tracey Hayse

Sameer Hirji

Elise Hens

Elizabeth Jones

Margaret Lloyd

Ruaridh Macdonald

Emily Moberg

Michelle Slosberg


Burl Amsbury

Lowell Anderson

Sheldon W. Buck

Stephen Estes-Smargiassi

Yolanda Fan

Samuel Friedmann

Bob Gurnitz

Hal Gustin

Todd Harland-White

Paul D. Jacobson

Bhupandra Khetani

Alfredo Kniazzeh

Sujeesh Krishnan

Keith MacKay

Jorge Phillips

Peter Ralston

Johnny Yang

The Class:

Melanie Adams

Ivan Amador

Anirudh Arun

Kaleb Ayalew

Zachary Barryte

Shaena Berlin

Ranjeetha Bharath

Rachel Bowman

Devin Cela

Jhanel Chew

Nikita Consul

Chen Dan Dong 

Clarissa Forneris

Michelle Fung

William Gaviria

Olivia Gierlich

Isaac Gutekunst

Charlotte Herhold

Jing Jian

Alexander C Jordan

Luis Juarez

Alexander Keesling

Julia Kimmerly

Lauren Kuntz

Garrett Lau

Harriet Li

Josepher Li

Saul Lopez

Laura Matloff

Cameron Mcalpine

Samuel Millington

David Miranda-Nieves

Kenya Mejia

Alberta Nim

Ying Ngan

Tam Nguyen

Ethan Peterson

Marcela Rodriguez

Gerzain Rosas

Ron Rosenberg

Joseph Salinas

Allison Schneider

Bahar Shah

Missy Showers

Avanti Shrikumar

Shavinesh Sukesh

Wennie Wang

Yin-Jen Wang

Jaclyn Wilson

W. Victor Yarlott

Karine Tiemi Yuki

Yi Zhang

Hanna Zhu