Our world is fueled by fossil fuels. A direct consequence of burning fossil fuels is the release of greenhouse gases, particularly carbon dioxide (CO2), into the atmosphere. There is mounting scientific evidence that CO2 is collecting in increasing concentrations in the atmosphere. As a result of the greenhouse effect, this increased concentration of atmospheric CO2 is trapping heat in the atmosphere and leading to global climate change. Mission 2013 recognizes the danger of the increasing CO2 concentration in the atmosphere and is addressing the issue.

Our mission is to propose an integrated global solution to the rapid rise in atmospheric CO2 that will stabilize concentrations at an economically viable and internationally acceptable level. Using carbon capture and sequestration, alternative and renewable energy technologies, international policy, emissions reductions and increased efficiency, we have created a plan that will address the problem in several stages. Our plan calls for international CO2 emissions to first stabilize and then be eliminated. In the final phase, the atmospheric concentration of CO2 will be returned to 350 parts per million. Our plan to achieve this goal is included in this website.